Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau

Dr. Guimberteau is a plastic surgeon, specialized in reconstructive general surgery and hand and microsurgery. He is the co-founder and scientific director of the “Institut Aquitain de la Main”. He is member of the French Hand Society (GEM),  past President 2012 of the French Plastic and Reconstructive surgery society (SOFCPRE), and member of the French Academy of Surgery. He was a member of the Health Service High Authority from 2007-2010. He was trained in the Hand and Plastid department of the Bordeaux University. During this surgical training, he was one of the pioneers in microsurgery and transplantations. He introduced innovative concepts in hand anatomy, physiology and secondary flexor tendon repair; he has been supported many years by Pr Cl Verdan and Pr H.E. Kleinert. He is a pioneer in endoscopy exploration of the tissular organization of the human body. Director and Producer of many videos on living matter, he has developed a new concept on living tissues and proposed a new ontology for human interior architectures. He was a panelist at the third FRC in 2012.